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SPECIAL Location for January and February:
 Outdoor Discovery Center, A-4214 56th Street, Holland MI 49423

2017 - 2018 Schedule

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Sept 12

Birding Chile, Argentina, and Easter Island

Judi and Carl Manning, nature photographers.

Where else but Chile and Argentina can you sample some of the world’s best wines, see some great new life birds, and all the while taking in stunning mountain vistas? Join Carl and Judi Manning for a review of their adventures in these breath-taking countries. Add in a “side trip” to the navel of the world, and you have the makings of an adventure of a lifetime.

From Santiago, Chile, a bustling metropolis, we sample the high mountain vistas and birds of the Yeso valley, home of Diademed Sandpiper-plover and Gray-breasted Seedsnipe. Later, down to the coast at Valparaiso, and a pelagic trip with petrels, albatrosses and shearwaters. In between, tasting visits to sample some of Chile’s best wines.

Leaving Chile behind, we climb over the high Andes toward Mendoza, Argentina, and more birds and wine. Mendoza is the Malbec capital of the world, and we sample some of the best. A trip north in the Monte desert, and we find Brown Cacholote and Spotted Rail.

Finally, back to Santiago for a “short hop” to Easter Island – only 2,500 miles from anywhere. The moai are awe-inspiring, and the history and archaeology of Rapa Nui makes an amazing story of resilience and survival.

Carl and Judi are members of Holland Audubon Club, and have enjoyed combining their passion for birding and photography for many years. Come join us for a sample of South American birds and wines.

Oct 10

Summertime Birding in Southeast Arizona

Ken Cook, Wildlife and Landscape Photographer.

Summertime in Arizona presents exceptional birding opportunities not found at other times of the year. Come join us as Ken takes us through some beautiful birding areas which are not nearly as crowded, and thus allows you to see a number of birds that can only be found in that part of the United States. Birds that migrate north just into that part of the US to breed, usually aren’t seen any other times. While the weather and terrain dictate what can be found, the experience is well worth the effort, rewarding us with fantastic images you’ll surely enjoy. Ken will show you the places to go, where to stay, and where these rarer birds can be found. Ken will reveal ways to find these birds as well as tricks and secrets to capturing his stunning photographs.

A Holland native and graduate of Hope College, Ken has been active in photography for more than 25 years, specializing in his passion for nature, wildlife and landscapes, and is a charter member of the North America Nature Photography Association, as well as a member of the Holland Friends of Art, Holland Area Arts Council and the Tulip City Camera Club. He has traveled to many countries to pursue his passion, but currently is focused on North America. View his work and/or contact him at or

Nov 14

National Parks - worth a Birders Look  

Mike Overway, Birding Enthusiast

A nature enthusiast, Mike Overway enjoys chasing all manner of wildlife, particularly avian species, throughout many forests, streams and bogs; and especially nocturnally. He’s a locally introduced Big Rapids species, and with his mate for life, Amy, has increasingly been drawn to experiencing what migration has to offer. Join us as he shares some special moments through travels to over half a dozen National Parks and Monuments throughout the Rockies and surrounding areas. A vast array of birds, mammals, flowers and of course breath taking landscapes will be shared through photos, videos and a story or two, at least; with trips to Badlands, Yellowstone, and Tetons, to name a few.

Mike, breeder of 3 offspring, Jaclyn, Gabriel, and William, (along with Amy) are heavily involved in their children's activities. When time allows, Mike enjoys birding, volunteering at church, and woodworking. He has been constructing residential habitat for over 20 years. He enjoys leading the occasional birding tour, competing in birdathons, and 'strutting his stuff' on the basketball court, but is admittedly well past his prime.

Dec  12

Virtual Tour of Ottawa County Parks

Curtis Dykstra, Ottawa County Parks Naturalist

Join Ottawa County Parks Naturalist and avid birder Curtis Dykstra as he takes you on a tour of Ottawa County Parks through the eyes of a birder. Discover the variety of habitats that are available to explore and the birds that can be found in them throughout the year. Listen to and learn their songs and build your knowledge on how to find each species. This is a great opportunity to find out what your local parks have to offer for the birding enthusiast or nature lover!

Curtis graduated from Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa with a degree in Environmental Studies in 1999. Since then, his experience as an educator and naturalist includes being a teacher, State Park Ranger in eastern North Carolina, and Assistant Director of Outdoor Education at Camp Roger in Rockford, MI. Since 2013, Curtis has served as a Parks Naturalist for Ottawa County Parks. In his work, Curtis strives to engage people with the outdoors in ways that spark lifelong curiosity and excitement and create lasting memorable experiences. He is an avid birder and delights in sharing this passion with others.

Jan 9

Birding the Central Amazon

Steve and Angie Hamberg, World Travelers

SPECIAL Location: Outdoor Discovery Center, A-4214 56th Street, Holland MI 49423

The Amazon River courses for amazing distances through the jungles of Peru and Brazil before reaching the Atlantic Ocean. The bird diversity along its banks is astonishing, but one needs to plan several visits to the region to cover it all. Join us as Steve and Angie take us through the central Amazon, in the heart of Brazil. We begin in the city of Manaus where we first check out the amazing bird life within a couple of hours distance from town. That’s as far as the road goes, anyway, before running out at the edge of the endless forest. Then we will board a river boat and spend the rest of the time on the river, cruising from picturesque place to place to see what birds and other creatures we get a glimpse of. While this could be a primitive and arduous journey, it is one that proves that luxury can be discovered in surprising places.

Steve and Angie enjoy traveling to the more remote places on earth, and to date have been to 79 countries, bringing their life list to over 6550 birds seen throughout the world. Steve enjoys these birding breaks between his professional commitments as a local physician. Angie enjoys the beauty and intrigue of wildlife and their natural surroundings, and attempts to capture some of this with her photography as they share this treasured experience with us.

Feb 13


Barry County Birding and Hot Spots 

Douglas Klein, Barry County Bird Club

SPECIAL Location: Outdoor Discovery Center, A-4214 56th Street, Holland MI 49423

Tucked between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, and slightly east, is Barry County, a county rich in wildlife habitat that we’ll have the pleasure of learning more about as Doug shares with us his knowledge, images and insights as a 20 year resident. The unique geography, with a plethora of lakes and rivers, as well as lots of State land and game areas, are just waiting to be explored. Join us as Doug shares some great birding hot spots he’s discovered throughout the county, some special birds he’s seen along the way, and the Master Birding list he’s compiled for the county.

Doug Klein grew up in Grand Rapids and has been a birder since he was 17. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University, and tries to slip in a little birding as he travels around North America in his work for an insurance company. He has a life list approaching 700 bird species. Doug met his wife Anne on a Grand Rapids Audubon Club field trip, and the couple reside near Hastings with their six children, one of whom is an avid birder. In 2014, Anne and Doug formed the Barry County Bird Club, of which they are very active members.

Mar 13

Hawk ID

Josh Haas, Nature Photographer

Apr 10

Attracting Bluebirds to Michigan

Kurt Hagemeister, MI Bluebird Society

May 1

Stories from Nature

Ed Post, Nature Photographer